Visual guide to the Fifa 2006 Germany

Visual guide to the Fifa 2006 in Germany

This was the final project for my advance multimedia class at UNC-Chapel Hill. The project was supposed to be three weeks long. I was too busy freelancing, so I ended up working 20 hours straight to get it done on time.

The guide includes step by step animations explaining different rules in soccer. It also has an interactive map of the world showing all different participating countries and their winning records. You will also find an interactive map of Germany with all the venues where the games were played. On the top of all that, you have a coloring game for kids that let you color the official Fifa 2006 logo.

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3D character design

Edeot robot

This is the final project in Alberto Cairo’s 3D class I took in 2006. The assignment was to design a character that would also serve like a logo for Institution of Science Learning (ISL). The ISL was a project sponsored by the biology department at UNC-Chapel Hill. It was responsible for creating highly interactive software with multimedia that help teach biology to high school students.

I wanted to create a robot character. I knew that it could be very cheesy, but I did it anyway. After doing a couple of sketches, I came up with something I liked. I named my robot eDeot.

Final sketch of eDeot

It took me about one night to model and texture the character. I still remember how I started around midnight and finished right before it was due in the next morning. I was pretty happy about how the project turned out. While creating the character guide, I think managed to give the robot a distinct character.

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eDeot with attitudes
eDeot with attitudes

Nasa Dawn mission

Nasa Dawn mission

I did this project in my 3D infographics class with Alberto Cairo in 2006. It is the first interactive project I have ever created with 3D animation.

It took about 2 weeks of part-time labor to create. 3D modeling and animation took about 1 week out of that. I was still learning Maya at that time.

You can find more information about the Dawn mission here.

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Visual guide to observing eclipses

visual explanation of lunar and solar eclipses

I did this project during my senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill. Besides being the first interactive graphics I have ever created, this project was my greatest achievement in programming at that time.

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The mystery behind the giant squid

The mystery behind the giant squid

My first infographics project ever. It was also my first project in Alberto Cairo’s 3D class at UNC-Chapel Hill. The notable thing about this project is that it landed me a summer internship at The New York Times in 2006.

I can safely say that it started my career. Today I have a chance to do what I absolutely love and make a living out of it thanks to this project.

Awards and honors
2006 – Summer internship at The New York Times

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Looking Back at 2007

I finally found some time to put together a list of the projects that I have worked on in 2007 and some highlights from 2006.

In 2007, I have had a chance to work on many different challenging and fun projects that required me to take many different roles. I have sharpen up my programming skills greatly this year and have fully adopted The New York Times’ design style.

One of the skills I have acquired while working at The New York Times is the ability to deal with very intense deadlines. I have learned how to organize my projects, so that they are flexible for last minute changes and easy to maintain in the future.

Another thing that I have accomplished in 2007 is the code library that I built in Flash. Working with few other people, I have coded most of the standard components that we use here at The Times. That helps reduce the production time greatly and leave me time to think more about the design and the content rather than the code.

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