Serena Williams's Professional Career

After about six years as a top 20 player, Serena Williams slid to No. 140 before a comeback leading up to the 2007 Australian Open.

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Growing Biologic Drugs, From Vial to Vat

Unlike conventional chemical pharmaceuticals, the biologics produced at Genentech’s Vacaville, Calif., facility are proteins, made by living cells. The cells are grown in vats, similar to winemaking.

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Regional Differences in Costs and Care

Map, Design

Geographic variation in quality and cost of health care is a result of many complicating factors. these maps, which use 2003 Medicare patient data, show the variability of cost in the Medicare system and the rates of several kinds of surgery, amoking the factors affecting rate variation by region are the health of the population, the economy, the availability of and access to care and the methods for care and traetment.

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I'd Like to Sell the World a Coke

Though Coca-Cola’s market share has slipped, it is still the world’s leading carbonated cola, Coke is far ahead of pepsi in much of Europe and South America, but Pepsi dominates in some Asian markets.

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Rising Prices at the Pump

The average cost of gas has reached $3.22 a gallon, close to the previous peak (adjusted for inflation). But the price varies widely by region.

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When Carbon Is Currency

Map, Programming, Design

Ten states have joined to create the first mandatory carbon cap-and-trade program in the United States.

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Baroque architecture of Arequipa, Peru

This is my last project from school. In fall 2006, I spent 10 days with a group of fellow journalism students in Arequipa, Peru producing multimedia stories. Each of us covered an aspect of the city. I chose to cover the city’s architecture. We used all kinds of media such as photo, video, audio and graphics in this project. The project was sponsored by Sister Cities International.

I spent a lot of time on this project. It still is the most ambitious 3D project that I have ever worked on. I started with an idea of creating a 3D virtual tour of the famous Santa Catalina Monastery. Later on, I decided to do the main plaza (Plaza de armas) as well as a bird view map of the whole downtown area.

Since I didn’t have enough references to create a realistic model, I ended up spending a lot of time taking pictures and drawing hand maps of the monastery. In the end, I managed to put all the hundreds of doors and windows in the correct place (or in my dream I did :) ).

On the down side, there is a couple of annoying bugs we never fixed.

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