Virtual Earth interactive map template

msnbc virtual earth map template
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This map is the first version of a more ambitious project that I am working on. Right now, it works like a tool for editors to map interesting news and events. An editor can create a collection in Virtual Earth and use the rss feed generated from the collection to feed the map. The tool is interesting in a way, because it gives editors control over what they want to display. They do not have to come to us, the producers, to make changes on the map.

The editors used the tool in a few projects and they seemed to like it. At one point, we had 3 or 4 projects using this tool from various sections on the site.

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The Big Bang machine

This project came to me as a surprise from our Art Director Clay. Colin Hick was the original producer who was responsible for it, but he moved to a different team, so he ended up passing the project back to us, the interactive team. When it came to me, I was in the middle of building the polling map, so I fell like I didn’t give the project the attentions that it needed. However, I am quiet happy with how it turned out.

I spent about four solid days modelling different pieces using Maya. At one point I thought about textures, but after rendering a few scenes with the fake mental ray ambient occlusion material, I ended up liking the clean look more. I used the same technique for the Pummeling Cancer With Protons 3D project.

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How Tiger Woods Wins a Major

Tiger Woods career
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Golf’s four major tournaments offer competitors a more difficult test than the rest of the stops on tour. But while most players succumb to the tougher courses and heightened nerves, Tiger Woods shows less of a decline, especially in categories like greens in regulation and scrambling.

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Carbon Emissions Across the United States

Carboon emission across the US
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Electric power production and transportation are the two largest sources of carbon emissions in the United States. But there are big differences in emissions between companies, and from state to state, that may make it harder to reach any agreement on cuts.

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Anatomy of a Squeaking Hip

Anatomy of a squeaking hip
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Some patients who have received artificial hips with ceramic components have complained that the hips make a squeaking sound. The exact cause of the squeaking is unknown, but “stripe wear” found on used ceramic parts suggests that the noise may begin when these parts rub together. The audible squeak may be the resulting harmonic vibration of the metal shell or stem.

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Disappearing Foods: Encouraging a Comeback

A new book, “Renewing America’s Food Traditions” by Gary Paul Nabhan, identifies 93 foods once common in American kitchens but now in danger of disappearing. Some are livestock breeds or varieties of crop plants; others are wild species such as the Carolina flying squirrel. The book organizes the foods by gastronomic regions, which are shown on the map below.

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Prison Population Around the Globe

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The United States has the highest incarceration rate and largest number of criminals behind bars.

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