Responsive homepage redesign at Expedia

This was my first and last project at Expedia and I am so glad it finally launched. This is the first time that a company of this size tries to do responsive design.

Expedia homepage redesign on desktop

I was lucky to join at the right moment when the design team was still in the early stage of exploring homepage redesign. I joined as a principle lead managing the team responsible for the homepage and landing pages in August 2012. At that time the design team were A/B testing a few different homepage concepts. One of the main challenges we faced was convincing the leadership that we had to change the homepage. Since it had not been significantly changed for years and people don’t like big changes, every time we tried something drastic, it affected the bottom line. It took awhile, but my team came up with a concept that got the company excited.

After a long process of negotiation, we decided that we would go ahead and completely redesign the homepage and launch it in beta mode. We wanted to let people opt-in instead of force them into the new design. That way we could get enough traffic to test what’s working without affecting the bottom line too much. We got buyoff from the leadership team and we started the planning process.

Note: To opt-in, go to and click on the Show Me button below the header. Make sure you leave some feedback.

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 4.49.32 PM

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And I thought New York commute sucks

Well, it kind of does, but definitely not the worst.

A few words about the index:

Number-crunchers at IBM Research surveyed 8,192 motorists in 20 cities, and — no surprise — most of them think traffic has only grown worse during the past three years. More than half said gridlock has wreaked havoc on their physical or mental health. One-third said it is undercutting their productivity at work or school…

…IBM used the results to compile a “Commuter Pain Index,” which ranks the emotional and economic toll of commuting. The index is a measure of 10 criteria, from the amount of time spent sitting in traffic to the frequency with which people simply gave up and went home.

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Baroque architecture of Arequipa, Peru

This is my last project from school. In fall 2006, I spent 10 days with a group of fellow journalism students in Arequipa, Peru producing multimedia stories. Each of us covered an aspect of the city. I chose to cover the city’s architecture. We used all kinds of media such as photo, video, audio and graphics in this project. The project was sponsored by Sister Cities International.

I spent a lot of time on this project. It still is the most ambitious 3D project that I have ever worked on. I started with an idea of creating a 3D virtual tour of the famous Santa Catalina Monastery. Later on, I decided to do the main plaza (Plaza de armas) as well as a bird view map of the whole downtown area.

Since I didn’t have enough references to create a realistic model, I ended up spending a lot of time taking pictures and drawing hand maps of the monastery. In the end, I managed to put all the hundreds of doors and windows in the correct place (or in my dream I did :) ).

On the down side, there is a couple of annoying bugs we never fixed.

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Awards and honors
2007 – One of Times magazine’s 50 best Web sites of 2007

Back and Alive

I am back from North Carolina. I had a very good weekend besides a minor setback on Friday night when I got bumped from my flight. I had to be at the airport at 6 am the next day for the first flight to N.C.

The rest of the trip was great, though. I had a great time with my friends and drank enough, but not to much, alcohol. My whole body hurts badly now because I danced too much :)

I will resume the work on this site tomorrow as there are many things left to be done.

Trip to North Carolina This Weekend

After spending the last three weeks working on this site, I think deserve a good break.

I am going to North Carolina to visit some friends and to party with them this weekend. I hope I will be sober enough to resume my work on this site when I am back on Monday.