When Carbon Is Currency

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Ten states have joined to create the first mandatory carbon cap-and-trade program in the United States.

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Putting Pay For Perfomance to the Test

At some Companies, changes in chief executives’ pay roughly corresponded with changes in their shareholders’ total return last year. Several exeptions were in favor of shareholders, while other outliers favored C.E.O’s.

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The Next Sudoku?

The Next Sudoku?

Kakuro is simply elegant, nurikabe ends in a rush of excitement, while masyu has no numbers. Could one of these three logic puzzles from Nikoli, a puzzle magazine publisher, become as popular as sudoku?

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Visual guide to the Fifa 2006 Germany

Visual guide to the Fifa 2006 in Germany

This was the final project for my advance multimedia class at UNC-Chapel Hill. The project was supposed to be three weeks long. I was too busy freelancing, so I ended up working 20 hours straight to get it done on time.

The guide includes step by step animations explaining different rules in soccer. It also has an interactive map of the world showing all different participating countries and their winning records. You will also find an interactive map of Germany with all the venues where the games were played. On the top of all that, you have a coloring game for kids that let you color the official Fifa 2006 logo.

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CakePHP or CodeIgniter


I am trying to choose a framework for a personal project that I am working on. After asking a few people and looking around the Internet, I decided to use CakePHP. Pretty much everybody agreed on that CodeIgniter is slimmer and faster than CakePHP. So, what made me choose CakePHP over CodeIgniter?

Since most of the work I plan for this project will be in flash, I want to find a framework that communicates with amfphp. If you don’t know what amfphp is, check it out here. Cake has a plugin that is supposed to take care of that. I have not tried it yet, though.

I also started learning Cake first because I found the tutorials a bit easier to follow :) . So far I really like the baking concept. It took me about 2 hours to write a simple blog content management system and that includes all the time I spent reading the tutorials.

You can find more information about CakePHP here.

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