Today Moms site responsive design

I am so excited that the redesigned Today Moms site launched. It was the last project I worked on when I was still at With a small team of super talented people we came up with this responsive design concept.

The site is built on the new platform that we built in early 2012. There are a few great ideas behind this concept, and I want to highlight a couple that makes me smile :) .

Desktop homepage

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Visualization of our solar system in CSS3

Click on image to view the page. You may need a more up-to-date browser to view this.

Alex Girón of nclud created this visualization of our solar system by using only HTML and CSS3. In his words:

These past few months I’ve been exploring CSS3, trying to learn some of it’s new fea­tures and getting a feel for which browsers support it. A few weeks back I put out my first experiment exploring @font-face and transforms. This time, I set out to experiment with border-radius, and what I thought was going to be a boring little project turned out to be quite interesting.

via Veerle Pieters

Google celebrates Pacman’s 30th birthday with playable logo

Click image to play the game

Adobe Flash to eliminate bandwidth costs with P2P

From TorrentFreak:

Adobe is getting serious about their implementation of peer-to-peer technology to assist Flash-based video streaming and applications. The upcoming release of Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 will enable publishers to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs by outsourcing media distribution to users.

The system Adobe is offering to support P2P Flash is called Stratus. It is offered to developers free of charge and can support both live and on-demand video streaming. Besides video, Stratus can also be used for Flash based multi-player games and other forms of real time communication.

For broadcasters and video services, Stratus has the capacity to eliminate a significant amount of bandwidth costs. Instead of serving the media from a central server, users will provide the necessary bandwidth. Adobe’s Stratus system serves as an intermediary in this process, managing the communications between Flash players much like a BitTorrent tracker does for BitTorrent transfers.

Via Jim Ray

Cooking an MVC framework for data visualization: Models

Last time we learned how to create a dynamic bar chart with data that we had to type in manually. That data entry part was tedious and unnecessary. Today we will solve that problem by creating a model that can load and parse data from an external file. Although in this example we only use the model to parse comma delimited file (CSV), we will build it in a way that allow us to parse tab delimited file as well. CSV is a very popular and compact format for storing data. It is also very easy to parse.

If you didn’t follow the previous tutorial, you can download the project from here.

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Eddy is the new Twitter aggregation platform from Stamen

Eddy from Stamen design

From the product page:

Eddy is a media aggregation platform built for the public display of up-to-the-minute activity on realtime services like Twitter. It offers three primary features: rapid collection and curation of what people are saying about an event, moderation of acceptable material, and speedy, reliable republishing of these conversational streams. Setup of the application is fast and easy, and made specifically for use by interactive media designers. Eddy makes data available in formats specifically designed for publishing on the web, allowing developers to quickly iterate design concepts with real world data and to launch without fuss.

Visualization of HTML5 & CSS3 readiness on different browsers

html5 readiness chart

Click on image to view the site

This visualization is compact and pretty. I like the idea behind it, but it is not necessarily the best way to present this kind of information. You can’t quickly scan the information since you have to mouse over each bar to see what feature it represents. The color coded bars are stacking toward the center instead of remaining in their own circle, which makes it harder to follow. I think a regular matrix table would be nicer.

via infosthetics

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