Election '08: election night results widgets

Updated Nov. 5, 2008: 0:55 a.m.The widget maps turned out to be a huge success. We are approaching 100,000 installs and more than 10 million page views. The critical moment has passed and the number of installs decreased as expected, but I am positive the maps will be viewed and installed many more times before they become obsolete.

Updated Nov. 4, 2008: 9:34 a.m. The widgets installs skyrocketed today exceeding what we set as a goal by a huge margin. They got embedded on several major Web sites and thousands of blogs and social network profiles. By the time the results come in and the widgets switch off the countdown clock, I expect the number of installs to jump even higher. Let’s hope that everything will go great today.

Updated Nov. 3, 2008: I am happy that the widgets got a lot of installs and page views. All the three different versions of the widgets that we offer at msnbc.com get about the same amount of installs. That means we really hit the right sizes for most web sites out there.

The election is coming soon and we are almost prepared :) . Here is one of the widgets, part of our Election ’08 coverage from msnbc.com.

Election '08: Data Explorer Map

msnbc election 08 data explorer

An interactive map that visualizes different kind of information related to the election ’08 such as demographic, polling and fundraising data. The interactive team at msnbc.com worked on it for months before I arrived. By the time I started, most of the core functionality have been written. I ended up working on the polling panel and helped with the fundraising panel.

You should spend some time exploring the map because it has a lot of interesting data that is not immediately apparent on the first screen.

When you get tired from looking at the enormous amount of data, you can head to the Analysis section and listen to what Chuck Todd has to say about the upcoming election. In the same section, you can make your own prediction or view possible scenarios. And if you are not yet completely satisfied, you can go ahead and check out previous elections.

Endorsements of All Shapes and Sizes

The interactive feature is a collage of politicians, ex-politicians, celebrities and newspaper opinion pages. Mouse over to view which presidential candidate they endorse.

Click here to view the graphics

Awards and honors
2007 – Awards of Excellence from Society of News Design

In Their Ads, the Words They Use

The tag cloud interactive shows the most common words used in presidential candidates ads.

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Election '08 Campaign Finance

Election '08 Campaign Finance

The interactive map shows campaign finance data for each presidential candidate in the 2008 election. The version I worked on that won an award was published in 2007. It has been subsequently replaced by the current version on the site.

Click here to view the graphics

2007 – Awards of Excellence from Society of News Design

A powerful statement

first black president

I haven’t come across a cartoon that I like so much for a while. I want to share it with you. Note the amazing work from Patrick Moberg.

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