USAToday: Getting a grip on government debt

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The time series show U.S. revenue, spending and debt since the 1940s. You can also compare national public debt as a percentage of the GDP for different countries in the world.

I am impressed with what USA Today has been doing lately. Nice job, guys!

Internet censorship report 2010

Vietnam is pretty high on the list.

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Jon Stewart on BP oil spill

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My favorite winners of the Design for America contest

The winners of the Design for America contest showcase some of the most compelling visualizations of government data I have seen in a while. Here are a few of my favorites. I had a hard time choosing since they are all pretty darn amazing. Enjoy!

Is Washington Bankrupting America?
by BanktruptingAmerica.com

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The Washington Post election maps

Washington Post election '10 map

The Washington Post kicks off its 2010 election coverage with a well designed interactive map. I like the races to watch panel on the left side that gives you a good overview of what is interesting. Clicking on one of the races brings up more information and highlights the race on the map, which is nice. However I wish I could deep link to a particular race.

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First Vietnamese-American elected to Congress

The title said it all.

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The work behind msnbc.com election maps

msnbc election 08 map widgets

Now that the election is over and I am well rested, I want to look back at what we have worked on all these months at msnbc.com. A few people wrote me asking about the process of creating a large scale project in a fast paced environment. Here is a longer answer to that question. Since this post will be a bit long, I will break it into several sections.

Pre-election content

We put a huge amount of effort into the Decision ’08 Dashboard data explorer map. Many people had been preparing interactive content for our election coverage for months before I arrived. By the time I started in July 2008, most of the core functionality of the map had been developed. My first assignment was to support other developers and designers, by preparing data and writing small utility classes. Next, I created the polling data display and helped with designing the fundraising data display.

msnbc election 2008 data map
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We wanted to map every data set we could find that came with geographic information. There were at least 10 data sets we wanted to map, but we launched our politics front map with only six data sets. We added user opinion, polling, candidate appearances and fundraising data over the next several weeks.

Most of our data sets were huge and we needed the technology to support and serve them to a large audience. This is where the team that builds our publishing platform came in. They built a new, user-friendly database tool just in time for us to use for the election.

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