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Whitney Biennial 2008

This year, the biennial fills not only three floors of the museum but also much of the Park Avenue Armory. Below, explore an overview of the exhibition, or look at 360-degree panoramic photographs of the third floor, fourth floor and an installation. Audio narration is by Holland Cotter, an art critic for The Times.

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Home Prices Across the Nation

Compare local real estate markets to the national median.

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Toyota's Global Presence

Toyota operates plants across the world. Some models, like the Corolla, are both manufactured and sold worldwide. Others, like the Tundra, are built in factories close to their intended market, while still others, like the Prius, are made primarily in Japan, and shipped worldwide.

The interactive graphics show where some of Toyota’s models are produced and sold.

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Oil Prices Reach a Symbolic Mark

The interactive graphics show the relationship between oil price and oil consumption for the last three decades.

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The Super Ad Bowl: Two Decades of Players

An interactive feature that show super bowl ads categorized by industry for more than two decades.

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Endorsements of All Shapes and Sizes

The interactive feature is a collage of politicians, ex-politicians, celebrities and newspaper opinion pages. Mouse over to view which presidential candidate they endorse.

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Awards and honors
2007 – Awards of Excellence from Society of News Design

In Their Ads, the Words They Use

The tag cloud interactive shows the most common words used in presidential candidates ads.

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