World cup schedule

Martin Oberhäuser designed this beautiful schedule for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The schedule shows the date, time and location for games in each group and leaves space for you to enter and keep track of the results. The central circle is a bracket system that let you track the 16 teams that play in the elimination rounds. There is also a map showing information about each of the locations where the games are played.

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Collection of inspiring infographics videos 5

SlagsmÃ¥lsklubben – reinterpretation of “Little Red Riding Hood”
by Tomas Nilsson

How Will You Manage?
by Kronos and XPLANE

History of the Internet
by Melih Bilgil

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Crude awakening, a comprehensive narrative of the Gulf oil spill

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Infographics World releases one of the most comprehensive graphics of the Gulf oil spill so far. The graphic has a timeline of the event, bar charts and pie charts describing the effects on local industries, a map of the affected areas and an infographics explaining different fix scenarios. The graphic was designed by Carol Zuber-Mallison of ZM Graphics.

via Cool Infographics

Internet users per capita for g-20 nations

G20 nation broadband access chart

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India and China are among the biggest internet markets in the world, but their per capita number is among the lowest. That leaves them a lot of space to grow.

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The deadliest airplane accidents

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Oil spill interactive graphics from

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The first graphic puts things in perspective by showing us a sense of scale. At its current rate, the leak pumps out enough oil to fill a third of an olympic-size swimming pool every day. The second graphic is a timeline map showing the spread in the Gulf as of May 20th.

I didn’t work on these since I was busy working on other projects, but I think Clay Frost, our infographics designers, did a great job creating these and keeping them up to date.

Goldman Sachs under the microscope

Goldman Sachs under the microscope

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Via VisualEconomics

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