Star Wars infographics from Charles Apple

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From Charles’ post:

The graphics ran this week in the Times of Huntsville, Ala., as a walk-up to the opening of a big Star Wars science exhibit at the NASA center there. Editor Kevin Wendt and design director Paul Wallen engaged me to research, write and design the graphics, with the aid of Times staff writers Lee Roop and Kenneth Kesnet, who interviewed NASA scientists and other Huntsville-area technological brains. The quotes they brought back formed the meat of our graphic centerpiece each day.

And a few words about the author:

Charles Apple is a freelance visual journalist and instructor. A long time news artist and designer, he is the former graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register. He teaches design and graphics workshops and seminars and spends way too much time online.

Carbon footprint of the 2010 World Cup

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The World Cup is one of the most celebrated events in the world with millions of people gathering together to rejoice the spirit of sportsmanship an glory. The competition also serves as an important economic catalyst for the country that has the honor to host it. But besides all the fanfare, the competition can also have negative effects on the country, especially on its environment. EU Infrastructure magazine’s graphic is based on the data from a report by the Norwegian Embassy:

While South Africa and the rest of the continent may be pursuing renewable forms of energy, the world’s biggest sporting event will have anything but an environmental benefit with a report saying the carbon footprint of World Cup 2010 will be six times that of the last competition four years ago in Germany.

However, it’s not just the influx of fans flying in from around the world to see the games, contributing to the footprint, in fact the majority of carbon was caused in the build up to the tournament.

But there is hope:

However, it’s not all bad news. In a bid to cut emissions from cars and public transportation systems, South Africa has constructed the Gautrain, a high-speed rail network that will transport fans around the country.

There are also projects to reduce fossil fuel consumption such as a US$10 million scheme to install solar panels and efficient lights on the streets, stoplights and billboards of the six host cities.

via EU Infrastructure

See how nature cleans up the Gulf spill mess

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This is another informative infographics about the oil spill created by Clay Frost, our talented designer, together with Ashley Zammitt, our new design intern from University of North Carolina, my Alma Mater. We are currently seven UNC graduates working in the creative department at I know what you are thinking, but no, there is no connection here ;) .

The graphic shows how the oil is degrading over time through chemical and physical processes in nature. Each process affects the oil differently at various time. So if we do nothing, the Mother Nature should “practically” take care of everything, right? What scares me about this is now I see where the oil is going. >:|

View the interactive infographic

Donations to pay down the national debt

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This somehow makes sense since I doubt a lot of people are willing to donate money to pay the national debt. But still it is sad if not pathetic to see how much money we owe.


Vehicle speed compared

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I thought this graphic was boring until I noticed Fred Flintston’s car and a few other well chosen vehicles such as the K.I.T.T. driven by David Hasselhoff, the Batmobile and the X-wing Starfighter. All of a sudden, it all start to make sense. :)


The state of linkedin

Linkedin almost seems like the underdog in the social network elites club. With the news constantly focusing on Facebook and Twitter, the two biggie, it feels like nobody cares about Linkedin. But relevant or not, Linkedin is growing and it is a major player when it comes to networking professionals. Below is a neat graphic showing some key demographic information about the network’s users. I have an account there, but barely ever use it. It’s good to have connections there, though, because you never know what’s gonna happen. ;)

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Skype in numbers

When eBay sold Skype in 2009, many of us wondered about the future of Skype. I personally love Skype and use it all the time. In fact, I don’t recall last time I talk to my parents on the phone. Since they live abroad we always communicate through Skype. Luckily for people like us, Skype is doing well, actually better, since its divorce with eBay. Christopher S. Dean, Chief Strategy Officer at Skype, talks about how Skype’s been growing over the last few years at Meet the Boss TV.

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