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Michael Kutsche creates a lot of beautiful concept illustrations, but this gotta be my favorite depiction of the creative industry.

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How did you break your arm?

creative arm brace
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This is just awesome :) .

String theory by Mark Gonyea

String Theory by Mark Gonyea
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This brilliant use of illustrations to tell a very interesting story engaged me deeply. I highly recommend you read it.

Do math like a real Russian

Do math like a real Russian

If you can’t read the text, that means you may need an eye check… :) I am just kidding. Click on the image to view a bigger version if you haven’t figured that out already.

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Anatomy of a Squeaking Hip

Anatomy of a squeaking hip
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Some patients who have received artificial hips with ceramic components have complained that the hips make a squeaking sound. The exact cause of the squeaking is unknown, but “stripe wear” found on used ceramic parts suggests that the noise may begin when these parts rub together. The audible squeak may be the resulting harmonic vibration of the metal shell or stem.

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Want to Be a Superstar Athlete? Build More Myelin

Want to Be a Superstar Athlete? Build More Myelin

While favorable genetics and a well-conditioned body are essential, some scientists believe that physiological changes in the brain that take place during repetitive practice at a young age may make the difference between a world-class athlete and the rest of us.

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3D character design

Edeot robot

This is the final project in Alberto Cairo’s 3D class I took in 2006. The assignment was to design a character that would also serve like a logo for Institution of Science Learning (ISL). The ISL was a project sponsored by the biology department at UNC-Chapel Hill. It was responsible for creating highly interactive software with multimedia that help teach biology to high school students.

I wanted to create a robot character. I knew that it could be very cheesy, but I did it anyway. After doing a couple of sketches, I came up with something I liked. I named my robot eDeot.

Final sketch of eDeot

It took me about one night to model and texture the character. I still remember how I started around midnight and finished right before it was due in the next morning. I was pretty happy about how the project turned out. While creating the character guide, I think managed to give the robot a distinct character.

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eDeot with attitudes
eDeot with attitudes

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