Learn to be happy

Yes, it’s that easy, just do it. (sarcasm)

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Jon Stewart on BP oil spill

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It’s the end of the week

Here is something to set your mood for the weekend :)

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Bicycle vs car

Bicycle vs car

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That’s how future works

Ready to eat infographics
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Yes, indeed this is how the future should work. This reminds me of the WALL·E movie where the people are so overweight that they can’t even walk.

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What is a fanboy? offers this hilarious guide that will help you recognize different types of fanboys.

You’ve heard stories about them. You may even have encountered one in the wild. Or in an Internet forum, where they commonly congregate and are notorious for their savage and often ill-thought-out verbal attacks on other fanboys and noobs. You knew you were looking at a fanboy of some kind, but you weren’t sure which kind it was.

Fanboys field guide

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Apple Field Guide

Apple Field Guide

The guys over at Column Five Media created this hilarious infographics for Fast Company.

In a future full of iPads, iPhone OS 4, next-gen iPhones, and iPod Touches with cameras (plus whatever Gray Powell leaves at a German beer joint next week), a significant portion of your tech life will likely bear an Apple logo–and keep Steve Jobs in the finest stonewashed jeans regionally available. The question isn’t, “Do you use Apple devices,” but “Which one?” And “Where?” Here’s a cut-out-and-keep cheat sheet.

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