How did you break your arm?

creative arm brace
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This is just awesome :) .

This umbrella would work perfectly in Seattle

The fuck the rain umbrella

I am ordering one =)). I have seen many nice things from this “design company”, but this one just became my favorite.

Art. Lebedev Studio is a famous design house in Russia. It does everything from graphic design to industrial design. It is the producer of the celebrated Optimus keyboard.

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Porfolio section is up, finally…

I have been debating with myself for the last few months over how to design the portfolio section for this site. I started playing with some concepts in late 2007 using flash as the base technology. Out of all the ideas, I chose and refined one in early 2008. Here is a mock-up of the concept.

Mock-up of portfolio in flash
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I also created a mock-up of how different control panels might look like and behave. Note that the orange dotted lines are there to show what section is currently highlighted in the mock-up. They are not presented in the final look.

Mock-up of the interface in flash
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It was excited about this project at that time because I had just moved to as3 and wanted to find a project to sharpen my skills. I wrote most of the core functionality for this project in about 20 hours spreading over a few weeks. But then I moved to Seattle and never finished the project.

Now that I finally have time to think about this again, I decided to go with a different approach using html as the base technology instead of flash. I made that call because html is still a better option when it comes to search engines. It is also much easier to create and maintain a new section with the CMS I am using. A similar system in flash would take much longer to implement. So, here is the result. It took me about 3 hours to put together =)

Anatomy of a Squeaking Hip

Anatomy of a squeaking hip
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Some patients who have received artificial hips with ceramic components have complained that the hips make a squeaking sound. The exact cause of the squeaking is unknown, but “stripe wear” found on used ceramic parts suggests that the noise may begin when these parts rub together. The audible squeak may be the resulting harmonic vibration of the metal shell or stem.

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Disappearing Foods: Encouraging a Comeback

A new book, “Renewing America’s Food Traditions” by Gary Paul Nabhan, identifies 93 foods once common in American kitchens but now in danger of disappearing. Some are livestock breeds or varieties of crop plants; others are wild species such as the Carolina flying squirrel. The book organizes the foods by gastronomic regions, which are shown on the map below.

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History of Airlines Mergers

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The deregulation of the airline industry in 1978 led to a wave of mergers that continues to this day. Here is a guide to the major airlines.

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Executive Pay: The Bottom Line for Those at the Top

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Compensation and accumulated wealth of 200 chief executives for large public companies that filed proxies for last year by March 28.

It is kind of depressing to see that some of these guys make more a year than what I can make in my whole life. :)

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