This explains why AT&T is oblivious to its reception problems

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Why read news when you can read cartoons?

Most of the time I read news because that is what I do for a living. Yes, I am a professional reader. Kidding aside, being on top of the news is one of the requirements for my job. Most of people I know think that I spend most of my time designing stuff and writing code, which sounds like a dream, no? Well I actually spend most of my time going to meetings, but that’s another story. So, on top of all the coding, designing and going to meetings, I read news. But reading news is tiring and sometimes even boring, especially when much of the same news is published by many different newspapers and blogs. I recently subscribed to the Time magazine’s Cartoon of the Week feed that showcases the best cartoons of the week, duh! I find that these cartoons help me get the gist of the current events much faster than reading feeds and twitters. Below are a few interesting cartoons from last week. Enjoy.

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Powerful cartoons from the Time magazine

India's security system
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There are a lot of interesting cartoons published in the Cartoons of the Week section of the Time magazine. I chose three from this week that I really like. If you want to see more, please visit Cartoons of the Week.

Obama is the Superman

The road to recovery for the three major automakers

String theory by Mark Gonyea

String Theory by Mark Gonyea
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This brilliant use of illustrations to tell a very interesting story engaged me deeply. I highly recommend you read it.

Sad but true look at the current state of the economy

A realistic look at the current state of the economy

I like this cartoon a lot. I found it from this web site.

Funny comic about architects

A funny comic about architects

I just stumbled upon this one recently and thought it is pretty funny. I think it applies to designers and developers as well.

I can’t track down who is the author to credit :/, but I found it from this web site

A powerful statement

first black president

I haven’t come across a cartoon that I like so much for a while. I want to share it with you. Note the amazing work from Patrick Moberg.