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The largest arch bridge on earth

The largest arch bridge on earth
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This very pretty print graphics make me feel nostalgic about the old days working for a newspaper. I still love to work with a big canvas that the print offers. I love the way all of the information is presented in one big piece. I don’t have to click, I don’t have to wonder how to use a graphics and I am not afraid of missing a crucial piece of information hidden behind a link. It is sad that fewer and fewer newspapers can afford this kind of graphics. Even online, I see fewer and fewer graphics of this nature. Lately, the industry has been focusing on visualizing big data sets with maps and charts, which is a more cost effective solution.

You can download the pdf with the print size graphics here

Credits: Kwency Norman from The Sun Sentinel

All I ever wanted is this

ILoveSketch from Seok-Hyung Bae on Vimeo.

I bought a Cintiq 12WX recently from Wacom, and haven’t used it for any real work, yet, besides drawing and painting for fun. After watching this video, I really want to try to do a 3D project with this new tablet.

The video demo is cool, but I noticed a few lags with the app here and there. I am not sure how complex the code behind this is, but from a user standpoint, that is undesirable. Still a pretty cool video to watch though.

Here is the link to the people who created this

The Big Bang machine

This project came to me as a surprise from our Art Director Clay. Colin Hick was the original producer who was responsible for it, but he moved to a different team, so he ended up passing the project back to us, the interactive team. When it came to me, I was in the middle of building the polling map, so I fell like I didn’t give the project the attentions that it needed. However, I am quiet happy with how it turned out.

I spent about four solid days modelling different pieces using Maya. At one point I thought about textures, but after rendering a few scenes with the fake mental ray ambient occlusion material, I ended up liking the clean look more. I used the same technique for the Pummeling Cancer With Protons 3D project.

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Pummeling Cancer With Protons

Proton radiation therapy is potentially a better way to treat cancer because it has fewer side effects, but the technology is still very expensive. The University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute took eight years and $125 million to build, and it can serve up to 150 patients a day.

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Interactive Tour of Mount Kilimanjaro

Every year, thousands of people set to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but about a quarter of them fail before reaching the summit. The rest, who succeed, become very ill from latitude sickness.

Is it worth the efforts? Check out Tom Bissell’s account of his painful and exhausting climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Awards and honors
2009 – Part of the Design USA exhibition at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
2007 – Gold from malofiej 16
2007 – Gold from Society of News Design
2007 – Best of Category: Interactive/Digital award in the 2007 CaGIS/ACSM Map Design Competition

Growing Biologic Drugs, From Vial to Vat

Unlike conventional chemical pharmaceuticals, the biologics produced at Genentech’s Vacaville, Calif., facility are proteins, made by living cells. The cells are grown in vats, similar to winemaking.

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