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Soccer’s slim salaries

Interesting data, but bad execution. I still don’t understand what make some designers think that putting useless decorations on their graphic will make it look better :/

Graphics from

Thanks, Chris.

Learn to be happy

Yes, it’s that easy, just do it. (sarcasm)

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Bach visualized

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Internet censorship report 2010

Vietnam is pretty high on the list.

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Umbro’s World Cup 2010 visualization

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I have to say that I really like this graphic. It is aesthetically pleasing and super compact. You can scan the charts for the scores, when each goal is scored during the game, and the most active period of the game (with highest number of shots and completed passes). What else could one ask for? Perhaps highlight the winning team and provide the final score, instead of me counting the red dots. But besides that, I really like this graphic.

Here is a few words from Umbro’s blog:

…We’ve enlisted the expert hand of top graphic designer Michael Deal to bring the data from South Africa to life. Using info supplied by data experts Opta, Michael has crafted these beautiful ways to analyse the action from the 48 group games.

By simply looking at when successful passes (green lines) have been made in the game, alongside shots (blue triangles) and goals (red circles), you can build an intriguing picture of how the match progressed. For instance, the detail of Spain’s surprise defeat to Switzerland comes to life in the graphic at the top of the page, while an overview of all the action can be gleaned by looking at data from all the matches so far…

Thanks, Martin.

NYT: Top World Cup players on Facebook


Millions of people around the world have been actively supporting – or complaining about – their favorite teams and players. Below, players are sized according to the number of mentions on Facebook during each day of the World Cup.

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Devices from Costner’s Waterworld may help clean BP oil mess

I thought it was a joke at first, but they are totally serious about this. Watch the video of Costner testifying before the Senate below:

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