August 2010

Infographics: Tracking Google’s acquisitions

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This explains why AT&T is oblivious to its reception problems

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The evolution of Samuel L. Jackson’s hair


It is my privilege

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The new Bing map is beautiful

I think the guys over at Bing did a great job with this redesign. The map tiles look much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. The only thing that I still miss is the map of bus stops that Google has.

Read the full review at 41Latitude:

…this was not some incremental improvement that Microsoft gave to Bing Maps—no, this was a vast overhaul. In truth, it seems as though Microsoft has left nothing unchanged in the “new” Bing Maps. And yet even though the “new” maps are unusually light on detail (especially in how few cities they seem to show), they’re now among the most aesthetically pleasing maps on the web.

How to win at rock paper scissors every time

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Starcraft 2 vs productivity

Uhmm.. I can’t help it. It’s too good. Feel like the old time all over again.

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