Why read news when you can read cartoons?

Most of the time I read news because that is what I do for a living. Yes, I am a professional reader. Kidding aside, being on top of the news is one of the requirements for my job. Most of people I know think that I spend most of my time designing stuff and writing code, which sounds like a dream, no? Well I actually spend most of my time going to meetings, but that’s another story. So, on top of all the coding, designing and going to meetings, I read news. But reading news is tiring and sometimes even boring, especially when much of the same news is published by many different newspapers and blogs. I recently subscribed to the Time magazine’s Cartoon of the Week feed that showcases the best cartoons of the week, duh! I find that these cartoons help me get the gist of the current events much faster than reading feeds and twitters. Below are a few interesting cartoons from last week. Enjoy.

For more of them, head over to the Cartoon of the Week site.

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