June 2010

How wild is North America

From The Big Wild:

Infographics really come in handy when you want to highlight fun facts and empirical evidence as it relates to scale and impact.

The Big Wild infographic features biodiversity in North America and compares Canada to the United States and Mexico.

via Cool Infographics

And here is the new story page from msnbc.com

A few words from Ashley Wells, our Creative Director:

So we’ve stacked up the pieces with the most compelling content on top. Start with a video. Scroll down to read. Want more? Show more. Long text simply expands in place. Then scroll down for photos. Lots of large photos. Share your favorite. Via e-mail. On Facebook. On Twitter. Continue down the page. See what others are saying. Expand. Respond.

Keep going. We post thousands of updates a day and are constantly searching them for related angles. It’s all right there near the bottom of every story. Want the bigger picture? There’s a dashboard view of the latest news trends below. Or jump back to the top of the page. Our site navigation gets bigger, too. Just when you need it.

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Star Wars infographics from Charles Apple

Click on image to view full size

From Charles’ post:

The graphics ran this week in the Times of Huntsville, Ala., as a walk-up to the opening of a big Star Wars science exhibit at the NASA center there. Editor Kevin Wendt and design director Paul Wallen engaged me to research, write and design the graphics, with the aid of Times staff writers Lee Roop and Kenneth Kesnet, who interviewed NASA scientists and other Huntsville-area technological brains. The quotes they brought back formed the meat of our graphic centerpiece each day.

And a few words about the author:

Charles Apple is a freelance visual journalist and instructor. A long time news artist and designer, he is the former graphics director of the Virginian-Pilot and the Des Moines Register. He teaches design and graphics workshops and seminars and spends way too much time online.

Visualization of the U.S. electric grid

Via NPR:

The U.S. electric grid is a complex network of independently owned and operated power plants and transmission lines. Aging infrastructure, combined with a rise in domestic electricity consumption, has forced experts to critically examine the status and health of the nation’s electrical systems.

Jon Stewart on BP oil spill

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via Infrastructurist

Apple design fail

Jamis mentions this over at 37signals and I totally agree with him. The keyboard shortcut icons don’t make any sense. I rather have the Microsoft’s way of annotating shortcuts with all the keys spelled out, e.g. Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Alt-Del (my personal favorite combination ;) ). Or even better, Apple could just print the icons on the keys themselves.

U.S. jobs growth forecast interactive from USA Today

USA Today and Moody’s Economy.com work together on this compelling graphic that shows the forecasted jobs growth in the U.S. Here is a bit about this project from the USA Today’s site:

This graphic shows actual job growth through first-quarter 2010 and Moody’s Economy.com’s forecasted job growth for second-quarter 2010 through first-quarter 2014. It covers every state, the District of Columbia and 384 metro areas, broken down by fourteen industry sectors. The data are seasonally adjusted.

Click here to view the interactive

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