The world’s leading companies

The world leading companies according to Forbes

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This graphics is based on data from the Forbes Global 2000 list which tracks the biggest and most powerful companies in the world.

From International Business Management News:

The rankings span 62 countries, with the US (515 members) and Japan (210 members) still dominating the list, but with a combined 33 fewer entries.

This year, the following countries gained the most ground: mainland China (113 members), India (56 members) and Canada (62 members). Even Oman and Lebanon are now Global 2000 members. Also gaining a significant presence on the Forbes list this year are corporations from Ireland, South Africa and Sweden.

The report found that despite the many problems which have plagued the financial sector, banks still dominate the list with a huge majority, as 308 companies in the 2000 lineup are banks.

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