Use hair to soak up oil spills

Matter of Trust, a non profit organization created by Lisa Craig Gautier and Patrice Olivier Gautier, started the mat & boom program which collects hair clippings to create mats that can soak petroleum oil. Here is a bit of how it all started:

Phil McCrory, a hair stylist from Alabama, first discovered how hair can help. He was shampooing an oily head of hair while watching TV coverage on the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. He noticed the fur on the Alaskan otters completely soaked with oil and it just occured to him. “We shampoo because hair collects oil.” He began testing how much petroleum oil he could collect with the hair clipping from the floor of his salon. Phil then invented the hairmat which is made from purchased hair and felted in China

I think it is a very interesting approach to solve the huge problem that we currently face at the Gulf of Mexico. Please check this out to see how you can help.

Via a comment made by Rob Shell on FlowingData.

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