Why Flash is still relevant in the HTML5 world

Gonzalo Rubio gives a few very good reasons about why we shouldn’t ditch Flash quite yet. Being a Flash developer, I admit to having my own biases, but I am also impressed by what HTML5 can do. I have been digging around the web for the last few days trying to figure out if at its current stage, HTML5 is capable enough to do heavy interactive data visualization work. The short answer is no. There are, of course, a lot of Javascript charting engines out there, but for performance-heavy things like maps, Flash is still better. As to the Flash vs HTML5 argument, I think a few of us only see black and white. Gonzalo seems to think that each tool has its own place in the future of web development. I agree. Below is the summary of the points he talks about in his article. Head over to his blog to read the complete post.

  1. The HTML5 spec won’t be ready for consumption for at least another 2 years.
  2. Flash is a mature platform, HTML5 is just in its initial implementation phase.
  3. Flash is made by a single vendor, HTML5 sees duplicate efforts by at least 5 different companies on at least 4 different platforms.
  4. Flash is built as a multimedia and animation platform, HTML5 is a progressive enhancement over a content centric and descriptive language
  5. Flash is good at what Flash does, HTML5 is good at what HTML does
  6. The Flash vs. HTML5 argument will implode after every Flash feature is ported into an HTML5/Canvas equivalent

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