The answer is in the stars

nytimes puzzle graphics
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I browsed through my old computer the other day and found this piece. It is the first assignment I worked on when I was an intern at The New York Times in the summer of 2006.

Karakuri are mechanical puzzle boxes created by Akio Kamei, a Japanese puzzle designer. The artist in his own words:

At first I began to create wooden boxes with an idea of a secret box and then looked for a broader meaning. I gave it the name “Karakuri box” (trick box) rather than the secret box. Finally “Karakuri box” (trick box) was born. The trick box which you open yourself, can’t be opened if you don’t enjoy humor. Someone who has no experience with trick boxes and others who have many experiences, toe the same line. Sometimes the knowledge or the experience disturb his trial. I’m usually thinking about how I can deceive people with my puzzles. And so I wonder if my personality has come out in my work.

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