Iphone SDK 4.0 license agreement bans ported Flash apps

We are all excited about the new iPhone OS. Every time Apple releases something new, it does miracles or at least we are let to believe so. With features like multitasking, folder support, a new ad platform and the list goes on and on, how can we not be excited. But then still no flash support. Besides that, Apple has gone an extra step by preventing anything flash related from working on its platform.

Adobe announced a few months ago that they will allow you to compile Flash applications for the Iphone. Being a Flash enthusiast I was incredibly hopeful. Then yesterday the bad news came. You can’t use anything but Apple proprietary platform to build apps for the Iphone. I understand that they want to have full control over the apps to make sure that each app performs well and is best for the users, but I feel like living in “1984″ all over again.

I find it ironic that this is what Apple used to stand for.

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