Dirty Heating Oil in New York City

new york oil
Click on image to view the map

This is a map I created recently for the Environmental Defense Fund. It shows buildings in New York City that burn dirty oil. The map contains information about 9000 buildings that burn either type 4 or type 6 oil. Both types are bad for the environment.

My biggest challenge with this map was the sheer amount of data it has to load, parse and plot. Fortunately, AS3 is fast. It is a pleasure to see the parser churns through thousands of lines almost instantly. Another factor that made my life much easier was the map framework I used. I want to thank the people at stamen.com and the developers of modest map for creating an amazing framework. With just a few tweaks I managed to plot thousands of points on a map.

It seems like the story got a lot of attention. It was mentioned by The New York Times and Daily News.

To view the map, please click here

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