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We learned and utilized many new technologies in this project. Unlike the Adversity index map where we didn’t have proper server-side tool to handle big data set and we had to use hacks, this project uses a brand new server-side tool to do the heavy lifting.

We built the server-side code using Django framework. This is the first time we are using this framework and it is awesome. It makes my life as a web developer much easier, especially when I was completely new to it.

For this project, we built a framework in AS3 that allows flash to communicate with the server and to make requests in real time. The framework makes it easy to parse responses from the server and deliver them to different parts of the application. With that, we are able to support deep linking, back button and breadcrumb.

Last but not least important is the new map engine I built recently. There are two parts to this. The first part is the script I wrote that runs through any ESRI shape file and parses it to native AS3 code. The second part is the engine that takes the code and renders it on the screen. With this engine, we can create pretty much any kind of maps quickly and efficiently.

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