Notable people in the field data visualization

I didn’t realize until recently how small the field of data visualization and information graphics actually is. I have been following the blogs of most people in this list. And even after searching around, I found only a few more.

I have been fortunate to know, work with and learn from many from this list. I hope that one day, I will get to meet with the rest.

If you know of anybody who is not on this list, please let me know.

Updated Jan 5, 2009 – Many thanks to Zachary Forest Johnson from and Tom Carden from Stamen design.


Aaron Koblin

Alberto Cairo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Alessandra Kalko

Andrew Gelman (Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University)

Andrew Vande Moere (

Andy Woodruff (Axis Maps)

Anibal Maiz (Agencia France Presse)

Ben Fry (Aesthetics + Computation Group at MIT Media Lab)

Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland Human Computer Interaction Laboratory)

Bryan Christie Design

Bryon Thompson

Carol Zuber-Mallison

Cecilia Andrade

Charles M. Blow (

Chris Kirkman

Colin Hayes

Daniel Roda

Edward Tufte

Feilding Cage (Time Magazine)

Fernanda b. Viégas (IBM/ManyEyes)

Fernando Rubio

Gabriel Dance (

Gabriel Dunne

Geraldine Sarmiento

Golan Levin

Jeff Clark (

Jeffrey Heer (Stanford University)

Jeffrey Veen

Jesse Kriss (IBM/ManyEyes)

Jessica Hagy (Indexed)

John Grimwade (National Geographic)

John Maeda (Rhode Island School of Design)

Jonathan Harris

Jorge Camoes

Kaiser (Junkcharts)

Laura Kurgan (Spatial Information Design Lab)

Lee Byron

Matthew Bloch (

Matthew Ericson (

Matthew Hurst

Marcos Weskamp

Mario Chimeno

Martin Watternberg (IBM/ManyEyes)

Max Gadney

Moritz Stefaner

Michal Migurski

Nathan Yau (FlowingData)

Nicholas Felton

Nicolas Ramallo

Nigel Holmes

Patrick J. Lynch

Rafa Estrada

Randy Krum

Remon Tijssen

Sep Kamvar (Stanford University)

Santiago Ortiz

Sha Hwang

Shan Carter (

Strange Map

Tom Carden

Tom Jackson (

W. Bradford Paley

William mariotto


24horas’ information graphics department



Dynamic Diagrams

Eager Eyes


El Pais

Funnel Incorporated

Gary Newman Design

Juice Analytics

Kevin Husley Illustration

Los Angeles Times

Many eyes

The New York Times

The New York Times Graphics Department


Senseable City lab (

Simple Complexity

Social Media Group (

Social Science Statistics Blog

Spatial Information Design Lab (Columbia University)

Stamen design

Stat. Graphics & Data Visualization

Sun Sentinel

Time Magazine

Visual Complexity

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  • Zachary Forest Johnson
    Posted Dec 31, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    Anybody from Stamen Design? And Martin Wattenberg and Ben Schneidermann belong on any such list. Though they get less attention for it than the Times and Post, the LA Times ( has produced a number of interesting data graphics. I’m excited by how large and diverse this field has become.

  • Tom Carden
    Posted Jan 2, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    It certainly seems like online and interactive infographics/visualization is a relatively small field, but I think print infographics as a discipline is a little bigger? Many professional graphic designers are competent at data presentation and if you count scientific visualization and cartography/GIS I think that this kind of list would quickly get out of hand.

    That said, limiting it to practitioners with an online presence as you have keeps it manageable. I compiled such a list for myself before, but sadly I don’t recall where. So the following are all off the top of my head. Apologies for omissions.

    Martin Wattenberg should definitely be on such a list, as should his colleagues from IBM/ManyEyes Fernanda Viegas and Jesse Kriss.

    As well as Gabriel Dance and Matthew Ericson of the NYTimes, I see credits for Amanda Cox, Matthew Bloch and Shan Carter on a lot of the best visualizations they do. Lee Byron is also gaining and attractive portfolio of works, including some for the NYTimes.

    Marcos Weskamp (Marumushi) and Remon Tijssen ( are both now working on visualizations for Adobe.

    Max Gadney used to lead the BBC News Online design team and has an interesting blog of infographics, albeit not interactive.

    Golan Levin does more art than visualization now, but check out his stuff from a few years ago.

    Laura Kurgan and company at Colombia’s Spatial Information Design Lab do very interesting stuff (Million Dollar Blocks is the standout piece).

    Carlo Ratti’s Senseable City lab at MIT is cranking out visualization quite regularly.

    Bestiario should be here as a group, I think Santiago Ortiz is involved with them.

    Likewise the folks behind CatalogTree should be on this list.

    Aaron Koblin and Michael Chang were two standout members of Yahoo’s defunct Design Research group, headed by Joy Mountford. Aaron Koblin is now at Google but is most famous for Flight Patterns, which I think span out of Celestial Mechanics with Gabriel Dunne and Scott Hessels. He also did the 3D Radiohead visualization/music video, which had an online component that another Aaron (Meyers) worked on. Aaron Meyers also worked on Digg Labs at Stamen.

    Jeff Veen headed up Adaptive Path’s Measure Map, subsequently acquired by Google.

    Judith Donath is another name that springs to mind from MIT (Sociable Media group had a lot of interesting work?)

    Jeffrey Heer made the Java library Prefuse and subsequently ported it to Flash as Flare.

    I don’t think Nicolas Felton does interactive stuff, but his personal annual reports are extremely good and influential.

    Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar should be here for We Feel Fine.

    W. Bradford Paley has been working in this area for a long time.

    Moritz Stefaner has a great a blog about his studies last year.

    Lisa Strausfeld and Christian Marc Schmidt at Pentagram do interesting work. I think David Lu worked with them too, and his portfolio is good.

    I should stop now before this list gets comprehensive enough that my ommissions are glaring – these are all off the top of my head but if I think of more I’ll be sure to let you know.

    Of course, if I was making such a list again all my fellow designers at Stamen would be on it ;) … Eric Rodenbeck, Mike Migurski, Shawn Allen, Geraldine Sarmiento and Sha Hwang.

    PS I’ve left out URLs for everyone because most can easily be Googled for, and because it’s your blog :) Do let me know if anyone is hard to find though.

  • Moritz Stefaner
    Posted Jan 10, 2009 at 6:18 am

    Nice list and thanks for the mention! Appreciated! (Another good reason to get a proper portfolio online ;)

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