Collection of inspiring infographics videos 1

Here is a list of my favorite motion infographics videos sorted in no particular order. I have seen blog posts like this over the internet before, but none of them had a bigger list. This is my attempt to compile a more comprehensive list. Right now I have collected 30 videos, but my search for great videos continues and I will keep adding new finds. If you have some videos that you want to add, please email me and I will add them. Here is the first 10. – Beat the Odds
Funny ad from the biggest dating network in Australia. This one is targeting a male audience. – Beat the Odds 1
This one is funny too and it is targeting a female audience.

Not so funny, but the story telling elements are excellent.

Stranger than fiction
My personal favorite. I can watch this over and over again. I actually started doing some of that counting when I was in new york. Here is the link.

Ad promoting nuclear energy as an alternative source.

Areva ERP

Royksopp – Remind Me
This one has been around the internet a few times and each time I stumbled on it, I ended up watching it again. I really like the style.

The Global Response to Organized Crime

Root of Middle East conflict (in German with English subtitles)
I like the look of this video and here is the link.

Scene from Fight Club
I am pretty much an Ikea addict :/

That’s it for now. I will compile the second part tomorrow.

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