Porfolio section is up, finally…

I have been debating with myself for the last few months over how to design the portfolio section for this site. I started playing with some concepts in late 2007 using flash as the base technology. Out of all the ideas, I chose and refined one in early 2008. Here is a mock-up of the concept.

Mock-up of portfolio in flash
Click on image to see full size.

I also created a mock-up of how different control panels might look like and behave. Note that the orange dotted lines are there to show what section is currently highlighted in the mock-up. They are not presented in the final look.

Mock-up of the interface in flash
Click on image to see full size.

It was excited about this project at that time because I had just moved to as3 and wanted to find a project to sharpen my skills. I wrote most of the core functionality for this project in about 20 hours spreading over a few weeks. But then I moved to Seattle and never finished the project.

Now that I finally have time to think about this again, I decided to go with a different approach using html as the base technology instead of flash. I made that call because html is still a better option when it comes to search engines. It is also much easier to create and maintain a new section with the CMS I am using. A similar system in flash would take much longer to implement. So, here is the result. It took me about 3 hours to put together =)

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