My Social Network Idea

I was working hard on the portfolio section for this Web site. I spent a lot of time trying to write it in AS3.0 using good OOP practices, so later I can just attach a simple PHP/mySQL backend and make it a content management system for my projects. I was close to finishing it, but then I realized that what I did would only benefit myself and nobody else.

While working on the portfolio site, I wrote a little nifty piece of code that can be used to put a slideshow together in no time. I am planning on releasing that, so you can download and use it. But I still didn’t feel like the project worth the efforts.

Few months ago, a friend of mine started a social network that is a copy of facebook but for Vietnam, you can view it here. He invited me to be a part of it, but we couldn’t come to an agreement as of what would be my responsibilities in his company. I dropped out of the project. At that time I had a few ideas for a social network of my own and was studying the tools necessary to do that.

After talking to a few close friends, I decided to start a social network on my own. My idea is to have a social network that target media professionals. As the industry is going through a major transition from print to digital, many professionals are left behind. This site should help them learn the new tools necessary to work with the web. It will also be a place where people can post their works and get feedbacks from other people in the community. There are many other features that I am still working on, but ultimately, the site will be a place where everybody can come and share their thoughts, collaborate on different projects and learn from each other.

Let me know what you think.

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One Comment

  • sophia
    Posted Nov 24, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    I like the idea—I live in constant fear that I won’t keep up with this industry!